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In yo' face - color by Weiila In yo' face - color by Weiila
"Hey Jak, why're you bringing the towel into the wa- umph!"

Stupid questions get stupid answers, even from mute people XD Aren't they just darn in their swimming trunks?

Characters and location belongs to Naughty Dog Inc.
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Demyrie Featured By Owner May 6, 2005

*sings-* Dax's got a biiiiiig.... BUTTANDHECANNOTLIE! YOU OTHER ELFIES CANT DENY! When the boy walks in with a itty-bitty waist and that big thing in your face you get-

... well, obviously Jak's painfully 3D trunks can speak for what you get. :0

*SMACKED* NOIMSORRY! XD Its just, his butt was the first thing I saw~! ... That and Jak's ... bumpybulge. >_> (HEY LETS play the addition game! Take the first two things Demz noticed... *shot*)

OHGOD Im so horrible. IM SORRY. I dont know if I commented on the first lineart of this 'unnerful thing, but I ADORE the colored version just as muchu! ^__^ I love how you took the time to make a background and all that jazz- it really adds to the Sandover feel of it! And Jak's expression is SO ADORABLE X_X Like, unassuming yet mocking at the same time. condescending, but in a way thats suposed to rile Dax up! AIIEP! <3 I love. I love much. FAVIE YES! *swoon* You've spoken to my deep Sandover fangirl here. I want more Sandover love and ideas, because OH HOW I LOVE. Neehehe. BEWHA.

And silly, silly you, whoring me out up there XD *SMACKS* I love you so much. You need to come to my house where I can keep you in my pocket and feed you chocolates and crackers <3 YOU'LL BE A HAPPY WEIILIE-BUG I PROMISE. I gots big pockets o.o

*snatches her Weiila and stuffstuffstuffs her down a pocket and RUNS*
Weiila Featured By Owner May 7, 2005
Demz is having naughty, naughty thoughts. Nyahahaha! Mission... success!

Oh yeah, riling Dax up alright. ^_^ I can see some throw-towel-back-in-Jak's-face-and-tackl e-him-into-the-water-while-he's-blinded action coming up in the next five seconds. There will be splashing! Splashes and hot, wet elf boys wrestling around in the water and- I think I better get the mop for all this drool, eh?

Aww, how could anybody possibly NOT love you, you sweet lil' thing you-
Yoink! *is stuffed into pocket* Umph... hey, this place is comfy ^_^ I can live with this. *laughs and hugs vewy, vewy much*
jaygoose Featured By Owner May 6, 2005
Hahahahahaha!!! It's really cute and I love the title but I might just be easily amused. *shrugs*
Weiila Featured By Owner May 6, 2005
Teehee ^_^ Thanks a lot. There are some errors on it, but I like the feeling about it at least.
Dragena Featured By Owner May 6, 2005   Digital Artist
I LOVE that game! I forgot what Daxter looked like out of ottsel (sp?) form.
Very cool.
Weiila Featured By Owner May 6, 2005
Thanks! :)

Yeah, isn't Dax just darn in his real form? ^_^ If you want more great Jak and Daxter fanart, I recommend for starters.
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May 6, 2005
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