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By the way, no new page this week because I'm moving and there's a ton of stuff to do and even more to do to get me settled into the new place. We'll resume nextish week.
Sorry to leave you hanging on such a cliffhanger ^^;
Just poof dangit by Weiila
Just poof dangit
I joked about shipping it. Then I found myself shipping it. As I should have known. Obviously Jasper would need tons of character development for this crack ship to work but that's the fun of it!

Has nothing to do with Team Building, I just like to have my redemption AU Jasper lose the Yellow Diamond emblem to show she's switched sides.

Aaanyway, threw this together real quick because I needed it out of my system, so plenty mistakes. Whatevs, I still like it :D

Nooo, Jasper didn't beat Garnet up. They fought some tough gem monster that gave them a run for their money.

NEXT MORNING EDIT: Woooow I can't believe I forgot Jasper's stripes.
Team Building II, page 10 by Weiila
Team Building II, page 10
Won't somebody please shout "OBJECTION!"?

Well, at least the audience isn't getting involved. That's about the only thing that could make this worse. I mean, even a fullscale Homeworld attack would get everyone focused on something else...

Previous page!

Tumblr link!

That sorta follow-up to Introspective Hero I was rambling about?

It's begun.


Fair warning, there will be pretty much no romance in this one.

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*shyly shares a cute fic and runs back to ff* hes such a cute puppy.. cat. panther. thing..…
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Thank you :) Yes, it's very cute!
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You beautiful person you

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Shhhh~ no squirming *hugs* 

Thought it was about time I actually came forward to say how much I love your Jak and Dax stuff :'D
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*hugs back*

Thanks hunny. Even though I suck at commenting I like your stuff too ^_^ Your Daxter cosplay is adorable :D
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Cool gallery ^_^
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